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Enjoy getting to know new places? Us too! Leave the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema for a little while and get to know other places in the city. Then when you come back home, you’ll have many more summer stories in your baggage.

City Tour (every day, 12:40pm, R$ 210)

We don’t know if you have already taken a photo pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy or holding the Eiffel Tower in France, but in Rio the fun thing to do is to open your arms below Christ the Redeemer and this five-hour tour is your best chance to do it! Passing through a lot of places in the city. This tour goes from Santa Teresa, one of the oldest and most traditional neighbourhoods in the city passing by Selaron staircase in Lapa and finally you will go to Sugarloaf mountain which has a beautiful view of the Guanabara Bay. For R$ 210 you will meet all these places and become a little bit carioca. Our car leaves every day at 12:40pm.

Favela Tour (every day, 10 a.m., R$ 90)

Have you ever been in a ‘favela’ (slum)? During this three-hour tour you will get to know one of the biggest in the world. Every day our car leaves at 10am taking you to meet this very carioca community. If you enjoy movies inspired by comics then that’s a good reason to put Rocinha on your itinerary because ‘The Incredible Hulk’ was filmed there. For R$ 90 you can take this tour that allows you to see the city from a new angle.

 Surf Tour (every day, R$ 150)

Always wanted to go surfing but never had the opportunity? This is your chance to learn how to surf and also discover new beaches, practically unexplored. Besides that you will start to practice a sport that has brought more than one world championship trophy to Brazil. You could be next, who knows? After all, everybody has to start from somewhere, right? For R$ 150 you can have a great surf lesson any day you want, just decide with your instructor the best time for you. If you are already a surfer, that’s ok you can rent a surfboard. This way everybody can enjoy the carioca waves on this five-hour tour.

 Hang gliding (every day, R$ 500)

Everybody has had a dream where they are flying like a bird, but woke up and found out that it wasn’t real. But this time it can be. Hold on to your new wings and feel the wind blowing on your face while you enjoy a privileged view. This adrenaline rush can be yours for R$ 500. This three-hour tour will be one of the high points of your summer stories.

 Hike to Sunrise (every day, 4:30, R$ 90)

Waking up early is just for the strong! So get together with some determined people and come see the sunrise from one of the most beautiful places in town. For R$ 90 you can hike up the Dois Irmãos mountain and get one more memory for your summer stories. After all you can never have too many unforgettable moments. Just don’t forget to be on time, Our car leaves Beach House at 4:30am!

Forest Tour (every day, 8:30 a.m., R$ 115)

Rio is far away from the Amazon but also has forests. On this four hour tour for R$ 80 you can take advantage of one of the biggest urban forests in the world. Pick a day and leave at 8:30 to enjoy amazing waterfalls whilst keep in contact with nature.

 Football, (price varies according to each game)

If Brazil is the country of football, Rio is the best city to play soccer and even better to watch a match. Watching it live is another thing, right? So forget the bar and your beer and go enjoy a game in a stadium with your friends. Pick a match and we will take you there with tickets in hand! Ticket prices may change according to each match.

Day Trip Angra R$ 200 / Day Trip Búzios R$195 (everyday, 7am)

Believe it or not but cariocas leave the city during holidays and vacations! And where do they go? Angra dos Reis and Búzios are their favorite destinations. The reason is very easy to understand, both cities are truly paradises of natural beauty. Proof of this is that both places have already appeared in big soap operas that were huge national successes. Besides getting to know these amazing places, a delicious lunch is included, so you won’t need to worry about food, but wake up early because our car leaves at 7am.


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