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You’re on Holiday, so getting mad about stuff can’t happen, right? That’s why Beach House offers the transfer service you need. This way you can chill and enjoy Rio.

Ilha Grande (every day 8am and 11am, R$ 100)

Do you wanna go to paradise? So leave the carioca waters for a while and come swim with fishes in crystal clear waters. Get in contact with nature on an island just next to Rio and only an hour from the coast. ‘Gosh! How can I get there’, you must be asking yourself. Actually it’s simpler than you imagine. Beach House can take you there. For R$100 you can not only get to know Ilha Grande but also explore this amazing place. The island’s nature gifts you with the green of the jungle and the blue of the sea during day and with the shine of the stars and constellations during the night. The transfer leaves every day at 8am and 11am. So get your sunblock and let’s go to paradise!

Paraty (every day, 11 a.m., R$ 110)

If you enjoy history, Paraty is the place for you! But if what you like is to stay by the sea, well, Paraty is still your place! On land it has constructions from colonial times and at the sea a huge variety of wildlife. Pick any day and board at 11am on a transfer that leads you to meet this amazing city for R$ 110.

Galeão (every day, R$ 105)

Wow! Are you already here? So don’t lose time and start enjoying your vacation. By car, Antônio Carlos Jobim airport becomes a little bit closer to Ipanema. For R$ 105, Beach House takes you with all comfort to a summer house, where you will live unforgettable stories.

Santos Dumont Airport (every day, R$ 85)

The view when landing at Santos Dumont is amazing, but it only shows a small part of the city. Before you see everything, you need to leave your baggage at Beach House. To not lose not even a second from your travel, we will pick you up for R$ 85. The way to Ipanema is so beautiful that you will feel like you are in a tour.

Hostel – Hostel – Galeão (every day, R$ 80)

Oh, do you really have to go? It’s a pity, but at least we can make that goodbye less painful. For R$ 80 we take you in comfort from Ipanema to the airport named after the composer of ‘Garota de Ipanema’: Antônio Carlos Jobim.

Hostel – Santos Dumont (every day, R$ 60)

Packing is always kind of sad, but besides your stuff, you will also take your summer stories with you. So how about enjoying your last moments before embark? The way to Santos Dumont airport is along the city’s beachfront and you will have the opportunity to say goodbye to The Guanabara Bay. For R$ 60 you can make this journey in the comfort of a car that will drop you off at the entrance to the airport. So cheer up and come back soon!

Hostel – Bus Terminal (every day, R$ 60)

If you already are going to spend hours travelling by bus, there is no reason to spend even more time on a city bus. For R$ 60 our car drops you in comfort right in front of the bus terminal. So leave, but buy the ticket back as soon as possible.

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